Yahoo/Bing Alliance – What You Need To Know!

There’s something big coming up and I’m not talking about the Fall TV lineup. I’m talking about the Yahoo/Bing Alliance. For those of you that don’t know much about the transition, here are the basics:

  • Your PPC advertisements will be displayed on both Yahoo and Bing SERPs
  • You will be able to manage your PPC advertising on a single platform (adCenter)
  • Your adCenter account will contain information about your Yahoo and Bing performance for each keyword and ad text as a whole…This means you won’t be able to monitor the performance of a keyword or ad just in Yahoo or just in Bing.
  • Any PPC campaigns previously running in Yahoo will have to be moved into adCenter
  • The transition is set for September – November, just in time of the holiday season.

With that being said, this transition is going to affect all of us and it’s time to get ready and prepare now. Here are some things that are going to change and will affect your existing PPC campaigns that you should fix ASAP:

  • Ad Copy Lengths – Yahoo allows 40 characters in the headline of their ads while Bing only allows 25 characters. Also, ad descriptions can be up to 71 characters in Yahoo, while Bing only allows 70 characters. If you don’t make these changes, the ads will be shortened and set as inactive. You’re going to have to change your Yahoo ads so that they meet Bing’s ad text guidelines.
    • Tip: Revise your ad text now. This will give you time to test the new lengths and different variations of them.
  • Match Types – Yahoo has standard and advanced match types which is different than adCenter which has exact, phrase, and broad match types.  This means that you will need to make sure that your Yahoo keywords are expanded to include misspellings, plurals, and apostrophes since Yahoo maps keyword variations for you and adCenter treats the variations as individual keywords. When bidding on the keyword “frame” in Yahoo, you can also receive traffic from queries for “frames” and “frme.” To get the same results from Bing, you will need to bid on the keywords “frame”, “frames” and “frme.”
    • Tip: Prepare a list of keyword variations now to add to your adCenter account when the transition occurs.
  • Negative Keywords – adCenter allows thousands of negatives at the campaign and ad group level and while Yahoo only allows 500 at the account level, 1,250 at the campaign level, and 500 at the ad group level. You will now be allowed to add more negatives to your account to help with filtering unwanted impressions.
    • Tip: The account level negatives from Yahoo will now be set to the campaign level in adCenter so make sure to make any adjustments as necessary.
  • Minimum Bids – With Yahoo, the minimum bid is $0.01, but the minimum bid in adCenter is $0.05. After the transition, any bids below the minimum will be automatically increased to $.05. Don’t worry! Your affected ads will be paused and you will then have opportunity to make any modifications.

In my opinion, the bottom line is that The Yahoo/Bing Search Alliance will create more customers, more sales opportunities, and give you, the advertiser, more control over your advertising dollars. All you have to do is fix a few things to your existing PPC campaigns and plan accordingly. I suggest you do so now and you can relax and enjoy watching your new favorite Fall TV show.

  • Jonathan L.

    Very useful information. Big advertisers and agencies are getting all the customer support they need from Yahoo and MSN, but the smaller advertisers need this information so they don’t end up getting taken by surprise.

  • Randi

    Great post. I am curious to see what affect (if any) this alliance will have on Goggle.

  • Bob

    probably not because google is already huge