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Giving People Value In Return For Social Action

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Businesses are always looking for new ways to use Facebook and Twitter to promote their brand. You have seen probably a great deal of contests and sweepstakes on Twitter and Facebook. In many cases, companies want people to like their Facebook pages or products, follow them on Twitter and share content with their friends. Here are some ways to reward people and incentivize them for taking these types of social actions which help get the word out about your product or service.

Require Sharing In Exchange For Access

This tactic has been very popular for startup companies. I recently signed up for beta invitations for website access for two startups.

Visual.ly, a place to create, share and find visualizations (aka infographics) makes it simple. Invite 3 friends via Facebook, Twitter or Email and receive an early invitation to the site.

Fab, a flash sales site for design, takes sharing your personalized link a step further than visual.ly. If you get 3 or more friends to request access to the site, you get early access or priority access. If you get 10 friends request access, you get $30 credit on your first purchase. With 25 friends, you get a $50 credit. And with 50 friends you get free standard shipping for 6 months.

Reward Sharing With A Discount or Freebie

Daily deal sites like Groupon and Livingsocial are the new form of coupon clipping. But they give you an incentive you share deals with your friends and family. Almost all of the daily deal sites use a program when you can share a deal you’ve purchased with friends, and if 3 friends buy the deal using your link, you get the deal for free. Many of these sites also have refer a friend programs. For every friend you get to sign up,  you get credit towards you next deal.

Reward Liking With Access To Exclusives

New Yorker offers exclusive articles to people who like them on Facebook. I wonder why this hasn’t been done before, but New Yorker is reportedly the first of the major publishing companies to create this type of offer. All you have to do is “Like” the New Yorker page and a reveal tab is opened for you to access an article. This might start a  new wave of “Liking” to gain exclusive content. You can also reward likes for access to coupon codes, exclusive products, sale items, or other exclusive content, such as videos, pictures, music and ebooks (we took the ebook route on our Facebook page).

What other companies are using cool ways to incentivize or reward people to take social actions around their brands?