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Online Marketing Tweets of the Week (6/10/11)

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Online measurement and Social ROI is a hot topic right now.  Most agree that social media is important in helping companies connect with their audiences. The debate comes from what’s the best way to measure and analyze those relationships. There were two Twitter chats this week that focused on that topic. The first was the #socialmedia chat on the topic of “The Murky Side of Social Measurement” with the guest moderator Jason Falls.  #getrealchat was the second Twitter chat that asked the question, “Do you believe social measurement & management can help you build more powerful online relationships?” with guest Argyle Social, a social measurement and management company.

From Social Media Chat:

A. I do believe social measurement helps build online relationships because it offers visibility to one's interactions. #getrealchat
L. Curtis Muldrew
Don't neglect analytics as a source for insights on customer activity, online behavior. #sm114
Daria Steigman
@ FB is potent but its more like TV ads, Twitter is more like PR (at the moment) #sm114
Mike Handy
a2, metrics provide clarity related to KPIs, but human insight ties to motivations #sm114
Steve Massi
metrics are an indication of the truth. To rely & trust solely on numbers can be a downfall. too many influencing variables #sm114
Mike Trow
My take: I trust the results I'm getting, but you always have to factor in bias, limits on data, etc. We'll never get a complete set. #sm114
Jason Falls

From Get Real Chat:

A1: Measurement determines strength of relationships. Value of conversations = ROI for time invested. #getrealchat
Katherine O'Hara
online relationships are viable, but measurement and mgmt also need to be supplemented with behavior and etiquette to work #getrealchat
Taylor Ellwood
Data is useless without a story. Clever packaging of information shows how clicks turn into community and sales. #getrealchat
Kaileen Elise
You never "dismiss" anyone. Keep to the 80/20 rule. Focus on the 20 % that wants to buy. The 80 % r/future purchases. #getrealchat
My name is Cd
@ And not only tracking and measuring -- but also ability to adjust media and message along the way #getrealchat
Lois Martin

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