Online Marketing Week In Review (9/17/10)

Please see below for some stories that you may have missed this week.

Men More Likely To Act On Ads, Women More Likely To Click

Study done by MarketingProfs shows when business men and women are most likely to click and act on online ads.  Included is a graph break down by gender and time of day.

What Do I Need To Know About Google Priority Inbox?

Google recently introduced Gmail Priority Inbox.  Essentially, it splits a user’s inbox into three sections: important and unread, “starred” (all Gmail users can mark emails with “stars” to signify importance) and everything else.  Gmail’s servers prioritize based on what emails are opened and who is emailed most frequently.  This could present new challenges for email marketers.  On the other hand, with a few best practices, it can make email marketing programs more valuable to their audiences.  The key to any email campaign is relevancy.  If you aren’t providing appropriate information, the e-newsletter or e-postcard isn’t going to be read no matter where it is in the Gmail Inbox.  If you want to be a priority, make sure the text and the graphics are useful.

Facebook Begins Reporting on ‘Social Context’ In Ads

Facebook has begun offering metrics on social endorsements in ads – those little footnotes that tell users if a friend has taken the step to “like” a brand or its paid placement.  Marketers using the Facebook ads platform can now learn the total number of ad impressions containing “social-context,” as Facebook refers to it, as well as the number of clicks, the click through rate, and the percentage of impressions represented by those ads.  If they like what they find, they may decide to further optimize campaigns for that kind of user advocacy – for instance, targeting an ad buy to the friends of people who have “liked” its page.

How To Make Email Marketing Campaigns Sing

Experts from big companies like Xerox, eBbay, Qwest Communications, General Motors share their thoughts and tips on email marketing strategies and best practices.

Facebook, Twitter Growing As Video Referral Sources

Google is still tops when it comes to sending traffic to online video sites, but Facebook and Twitter are rapidly gaining ground as human-powered referral engines.  About two-thirds (64%) of the traffic from third-party sites to video sources came from Google, followed by Yahoo, 11.9%, Facebook, 4.3%, Bing, 2.6%, and Twitter 1.2%, according to the second-quarter report on Web video trends by Brightcove and video ad network and analytics firm TubeMogul.

Five Email Holiday Marketing Predictions

1. Social and rich-media campaigns won’t get much traction after November 2. Discount codes will be more prominent in preheader messages and subject lines 3. Share your network functionality will be used more strategically 4. Designing mobile-friendly emails is more important than ever 5. At least 50% of retailers will send an email on Thanksgiving Day and at least 70% will on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Check out the article for full details.

5 Things That Make An Email Stand Out

This article from 1 to 1 Media discusses some key aspects marketers should think about to ensure that their emails break through the clutter and are relevant to their audiences.