Online Marketing Week In Review (9/10/10)

I hope everyone had a fun Labor Day weekend and enjoyed the nice weather (here in DC anyway).  Please see below for interesting articles you may have missed.

5 New Ways Small Business Can Offer Location Based Deals

“Location-based services, such as Foursquare and Gowalla, are proving quite popular with consumers open to sharing their locations with the world. They’re also built to be inherently business-friendly, as most allow retailers to incentivize check-ins and social sharing behaviors in the hopes of attracting swarms of patrons to their businesses.”  This article lists 5 ways that small businesses can leverage location-based services to benefit their companies.

Connecting The Dots Between Social Media And Customer Service

Customer service is no longer solely happening in the contact center.  “We’ve reached an inflection point,” Randy Brasche, director of product marketing, Genesys, at Alcatel-Lucent said. “Companies need to invest in social media monitoring and in getting that information to the contact center.”  He tells us the four phases of connecting the dots between social media and customer service; 1. Listen 2. Prioritize 3. Engage 4. Integrate

Tava Screens Grab Buyers At Retail POS (point of sale)

A Vancouver-based company plans to introduce digital media screens in grocery stores and other retail chains that will be able to target consumers using sensors and biometric face readers to conduct market research.

Google Instant Makes Waves

Google unveiled it’s new Instant technology, which displays search results to users as they type in their search queries. Learn more about it and watch a video at the link above.

Social Media: It’s All Part of a Master Plan…Or Is It?

Brian Solis takes issue with a recent study which found that 72% of marketers claim they have a social media strategy. Just because a company is on Facebook, Twitter, etc. does not mean they have a strategy. A true strategy involves a variety of departments and facets of business. We agree.

Twitter Launches Sponsored Microsite for Tracking New York Fashion Week

Partnering with some big names in fashion, Twitter has created to enable people to track and view the latest news, pictures and updates from New York Fashion Week.