Online Marketing Week in Review (7/2/10)

It’s a little early, but Happy Independence Day! We’ve had a great week. Here’s one exciting thing that happened – five new interns started this week, so you’ll soon be seeing some great content, articles and videos from them here. Amber, Liz, Stephanie, Matt and Greg: We’re really looking forward to working with you!

In the meantime, here are some stories from the world of online marketing that you may have missed this week.

Email Marketing Drives Cross-Channel Sales

According to Forrester Research, nearly half of all sales are influenced by the web. According to a  study conducted by Lightspeed Research, nearly six in 10 internet users around the globe said they were more apt to buy a product in a store after getting a marketing email.

3 SEO Boosters You’re Missing

Here’s a great article from John Carcutt that covers 3 things people often overlook: goal-based keyword research, internal linking structures, and creation of new content. These are definitely very important elements, and they’re things we always focus on with our clients.

Behavioral Targeting With A Social Twist

More and more consumers are trading access to their data for special rewards, discounts and loyalty programs. This article highlights SocialTwist’s widget that enables members of a site to forward marketing messages to their friends with one-click. This seems a lot like the ShareThis and AddThis widgets, and it’s similar to our Friends First technology. The key thing to remember is that it’s important to give people the ability to share your content in a variety of ways, and start thinking about specific promotions you can create to encourage sharing.

How To Answer The Social Phone

People are talking about your company online. But what do you listen for? This article gives a nice overview of a few important things to consider.

Top 50 Branded Facebook Pages, June 2010

Ignite Social Media ranks the top 50 branded Facebook pages, 6 months after they did their initial rankings (though with a clear methodology – based on number of fans and leaving out pages for celebrities, politicians, musicians and athletes). The original top 5 are unchanged – Facebook, Starbucks, Coca Cola, YouTube, and Skittles. Check out the link for the full list.

Preparing a Social Readiness Gameplan in 7 Steps

David Armano lists a few key things organizations need to consider to prepare for true “social” business. I’ve always considered David to be one of the most forward-thinking people in the industry, and he’s got some great thoughts in this article.

For Fun – The World Celebrates Social Media Day

From Florida to  Belgium and California to Greece, thousands of people celebrated Social Media Day on June 28. Check out the article for more details, pictures and videos.