Online Marketing Week In Review (4/1/11)

Happy Friday!  For all of you baseball fans, we hope you enjoyed Opening Day!

Mobile vs. Social: The Status of Marketing Integrations

Email can definitely be integrated with mobile and social tactics. Integration has been a buzzword for social media marketers for some time. There have been many challenges with integration with cross-channel campaigns. In a survey of marketers is was found that social sharing links in emails and web offers were the best integrated social media marketing tactic with 62% of respondents say that sharing links are a part of integrated campaigns. The same goes for mobile, where 64% of respondents said that mobile versions of email messages are part of integrated campaigns.

Meet +l: Google’s Answer to the Facebook Like Button

Google has announced a new social feature called +1, which basically is allows you to endorse URLs. It’s almost the same thing that you do when you “like” or endorse pages on Facebook, but this feature is showing up in Google search results. All of your +1 results with appear on your Google Profile. Google has rolled this feature out as an response to Facebook “Like”, and they claim that +1 can help friends, contacts and others on the web find the best stuff when they search. This up might help websites gain more organic traffic from Google. We are going to have to wait and see.

Email Marketing: Reclaim Abandoned Shopping Carts with Triggered “Remarketing” Emails

The biggest challenge in email marketing is targeting subscribers with relevant content. The most effective tactic for increasing relevance is to send triggered emails, according to the report. In fact, 70% of consumer marketers using email reported the tactic as “very effective” and 47% of B2B email marketers agreed. One example is sending out a triggered email when a customer abandons a shopping cart or a website.

Tweeting Often and On Weekends is More Effective, Suggest Data

Here are some good timing tips from the data: Tweeting later in the day and later in the week often results in more retweets. The click-through-rate on tweeted links appears to spike in the late morning and then again around 5pm. The click-through rate on links tends to decline as more links are tweeted per hour. After about six links per hour, click-throughs essentially drop off. Weekends are an ideal time for sharing on Facebook. More people tend to open marketing emails in the early morning than any other time during the day. Weekends also appear to be effective for emails. Our takeaway – test, test, test to see what works best for you.

Finding Your Brand’s Voice

Defining your brand’s voice is essential to posting and engaging on social media sites. Here are some concepts that play a part in a social media brand voice. First is a character/persona; who does your brand sound like? You may need to first think about who your customers are. Second is tone, which is important in helping establish your credibility. Third is language; think about how you sound and your word choice. Lastly, consider your purpose. Why are you here? What you do you want to do for your customers? Finding your brand’s voice will not happen over night, but if you keep these questions in mind it will come to you.