Online Marketing Week In Review (3/18/11) CRM Edition

We hope you had a great week. Keeping with our theme of producing and sharing CRM-related content, here are some CRM related stories that we hope you’ll find interesting.

Social CRM Rush Projected for Enterprises

Many different enterprises are embracing social customer relationship management with most of them ready to adopt technology within five years to improve customers service. Marketing departments have started to oversee the brand management for companies via Twitter and Facebook, but more social media aware companies have begun providing customer service over social networks. Providing customer service via social networks is sometimes faster than companies just providing this through traditional channels such as phone and email.

Linking CRM Data to Email Marketing

Linking CRM data to your email marketing can help boost relevance and conversation. When someone raises their hand and expresses interest in your product or service, they’re looking for additional information. While case studies and links to videos are great, you have to remember the customer experience.

Brands, Social Media and Analytics: It’s All About Customers’ Relationships with Each Other

You have to use data-driven social media analytics and qualitative methods to make branding relevant in this age. “Most researchers are not immersed in it… social media is still viewed by many as just a tool rather than as an immersive environment.” That real business value of social media will mean analyzing complex data. For social media this means analyzing relationships between individuals, space and time.

Power up CRM Strategies With Customer Intelligence From the Contact Center to the Social Web

Customers are key to everything. They are describing what they expect from you, what’s working well, where you can improve, and why they are taking their business elsewhere. Traditional CRM has the goal of developing sales, marketing and service strategies based on transactions and customer demographics. But now companies should use all of their CRM channels to find out how to grow their businesses. When done right, companies find higher revenues, lower costs, happy customers and higher lifetime values.

6 Reasons Lead Nurturing Wins Over Email Blasts

It’s automated, meaning once you know how leads come in, you know how to schedule emails. It’s timely, because you’re emailing people right after an action, which yields a better response. Nothing slip through the cracks, because with automated emails you know that there is a follow up. It creates more values out of what you have. It offers more precise targeting. You can repurpose existing content.

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