Online Marketing Week In Review (3/11/11) – Charlie Sheen Marketing Edition

We are sorry but we couldn’t resist. Only the first two articles are about Charlie Sheen and marketing. The rest of the articles are about winning in marketing.

Do Sponsored Tweets Work? @CharlieSheen Shows Us the Money

Charlie Sheen proves that paid Tweets can work., the social media talent agent that helps celebrities endorsements with Twitter, is behind the @charliesheen media storm. The first endorsement comes from, where they are helping Sheen find a #winning intern. The “ tweet” was published at 4:03pm EST to 2.2 million of Sheen’s followers. The tweet received 95,333 clicks in the first hour. It reached 181 countries. 412,000 clicks in 48 hours and has led to over 74,000 applications being sent in for the position. The key takeaway is that celebrities can have an “effective amount of influence and personal touch” and brands can buy a piece of it.

Ford Focus is #WINNING

Twitter’s ad sales team is #winning. Promoted Tweets are an around $100,000. Big names like Ford Focus, Arbys, Audi and AMC Theatres have paid to sit next to the attention that is being given to Sheen. They do this by buying Promoted Tweet’s keywords like the hashtag of Sheen’s current catchphrase “Winning.” This means when you search Twitter for #Winning, many of Sheen’s tweets come up along with a Promoted Tweet from Arbys or any other big brand that paid for it. The post says it best, “Branding in this day and age is so strange and somewhat shady, as one man’s media meltdown can become another man’s venue for pimping their bacon cheeseburger.”

Before It Even Begins, Apple Wins SXSW

The first of day of SXSW and the release of the iPad 2 are both today. This could cause a problem because the people attending SXSW are the same people that would stand in line for 8 hours to get the iPad 2 first. Apple is smart. They are opening a temporary store in downtown Austin for two weeks starting today. Once a few people at SXSW have one, everyone is going want it. They are going sell a lot of iPad 2s meaning Apple for the win.

LinkedIn is About to Make Headlines

LinkedIn is about to announce a new social product. There is speculation on what that might be. It’s most likely “LinkedIn Headlines” which is an email digest of the most shared news in your network. This could make LinkedIn the “Wall Street Journal” of social news. That is, it could become the “ultimate business news filter.” It possibly could feed you news based on your title, skills, industry and other keywords in your profile. But we are going to have to wait and see.

Instagram Now Adding 130,000 Users Per Week: An Analysis

Since launching six months ago, Instrgram has become one of the web’s top photo sharing services. They have over two million users and have launch their own API. 2.2 million users uploaded 3.6 million new photos per week, 6 photos per second. For users who upload at least one photo, there is a 45% chance they will upload a photo the following week. The same users have a 25% chance that they will upload a photo 12 weeks later; this is a stronger retention rate than Twitter. The analysis goes into deep data about users and the rate they use the app. This all means that Instagram is the ultimate tiger blood winner. :)

Hope you have a great weekend!