Online Marketing Tweets of the Week (5/6/11)

Here is some 140 character marketing wisdom we scoured the internet to find. We hope you enjoy!

Here are two great nuggets about brand image:

You can foster your brand but you can't control it. #hrevolution
John Sumser
Your brand is your market's perception of you, not what you say it is.
Scott Stratten

Here are some great tweets about changing the customer satisfaction approach with social media from the #socialmedia tweet chat every Tuesday at 12 noon EST:

Used to be that 93-95% of folks were the goal to satisfy through your service channels. But now one angry post can derail you! #sm109
Meg Fowler
@ Yes, the relationship is important & building the relationship takes time. #sm109
You can acknowledge trolls, but dont feed the trolls (big diff) #sm109
Michael Pace
In many cases the pushback from Customer Service team comes down to just one person who is territorial/overworked. Gotta reach them. #sm109
John Frost
Right or wrong, the customer is going to use social media. It's the organizations job to be there and moderate. #sm109
Stacy Buchanan

Have a great weekend!