Online Marketing Predictions for 2011

2010 has been a fun year in online marketing. Since it’s the end of the year, we thought it’d be interesting to look forward to 2011. It’s our pleasure to present this compilation ebook, featuring online marketing predictions for 2011 from some very smart folks. We have most of the contributors back from last year’s version, and we added a few new people, too. Thanks to all of you who have shared your thoughts and predictions for online marketing in 2011.

Click the image below to download the ebook, or you can view it on Scribd.

Feel free to download this, read it, blog about it, and share with your friends and coworkers. We hope you find it interesting.

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who participated. It’s been great connecting with you this year! Happy Holidays and see you in 2011!

  • Dan London

    Thanks for the inclusion.