How The British Royal Family Has Embraced Social Media

An event that only happens once in a generation: a British Royal Wedding. On Friday, April 29 at 5am EST Prince William and Kate Middleton will be wed at the Westminster Abbey in London. People all over the world have been buzzing with anticipation. Crafters have been turning out little figures from a “knit your own royal wedding” book, screen-printing Will and Kate’s faces on bags and t-shirts and creating jewelry that states, “I prefer Harry!” Groupon in the UK created a proof by selling “Two Tickets to the Royal Wedding for 8 pounds (Value of 1200 pounds).” CNN’s Anderson Cooper, got an etiquette lesson in preparation for the Royal Wedding. CNN has a team of about 125 reporters, cameramen, and crew assigned to the wedding. And rightfully so, because an estimated two billion TV viewers will see all of or part of the wedding coverage.This would be the biggest audience in TV history. An expected 400 million more people are expected to view the event online or listen to it on the radio. The TV, online and radio consumption will equal about 35% of the world’s population.

The Royal Wedding used to be a strictly private occasion but it has now has turn into an international celebration. It seems that the Royal Wedding has been pushed into the digital age. The British Monarchy is draped in tradition, history, class and etiquette. But what people don’t know is that the Monarchy has embraced social media and other modern commutations. And they do in a style and grace that you would only expect of the British Royal Family.

Facebook: The British Monarchy

The official page posts 3-4 times a day with a mixture of historical facts, the Queens’ business, and information about the Royal Wedding, videos and pictures. Special points to note:

  • they have created an official Facebook event for The Royal Wedding (I’m attending)
  • they have a Facebook tab devoted The Royal Wedding that links to other resources about the event
  • there is a “Near Me” tab where you can find out about Royal visits, ceremonies and events in your area
  • they use the notes tab to display the official records of events at every castle and place, which shows great transparency of information for the Monarchy’s official business.

Twitter: The British Monarchy and Clarence House

Although I would love to see the Queen tweet about what she had for lunch, no individual of the Monarchy has their own official Twitter account. However, the official Twitter account for the British Monarchy does a great job of updating the public on the latest Royal events that include members of  the Royal Family. The Clarence House, the official Twitter account of The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William and Prince Harry is being used for the official Royal Wedding tweets. They update often, retweet others’ posts and use hashtags.

YouTube Channel: The Royal Channel

The wedding will be broadcasted live on YouTube where you can watch every moment, read live commentary about the ceremony and procession route and the history behind the day. There is an area where you can watch people’s congratulations videos from around the world and upload your own well wishing for the couple. It also includes a Google map of the procession, wedding book and official countdown to the broadcast.

Royal Wedding Website

This is the main hub to the all things about the wedding. It has details about the service, procession and reception. It has all of the latest news (which read more like a blog), showcases the above social properties (YouTube, Facebook and Twitter). They are definitely capitalizing on the excitement but also controlling the information that is being produced. Many details of the wedding are released on the website, such as the seating plan and selected guest list for Westminster Abbey, commemorative wedding stamps and the formal consent of the marriage by Her Majesty.

The Royal App

Yes, you read that right; the Royal Collection has an official Royal App for iPhone and Android. The app is about royal weddings of the past, telling the story of seven royal wedding from Queen Victoria and Prince Albert to The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall.

It’s Not Just about the Royal Wedding

The Queen has an awesome website for her Diamond Jubilee Pageant on the Thames River in June. The welcome page has a beautiful moving graphic, an area to join the mailing list, where to follow them on Twitter or Facebook. The website also enables you to register your vessel and learn about the history of pageants on the river.


The Royal Family has found their place in social media. Not only do they do well on all social media platforms, they have integrated all of their social media efforts. This helps them reach a variety of people in a variety of ways and helps bridge the gap between the Royalty and the commoners. The fact that the Royal Family can evolve and embrace the digital age shows the longevity of The Crown and the forward thinking to the future while maintaining the dignity their British titles hold.

What do you think about the Royal Family’s usage of social media?