A Week in Review for Online Marketing

A Requirement for Branded Communities

This blog speaks to the essence of what a branded community is- a place where people can share the connections to other consumers of a brand or service. Quick and easy read by Richard Millington, online community builder for the United Nations Refugee Agency.

If Your Kids Are Awake, They’re Probably Online

Another article on how media usage is corrupting children, ruining their grades, social lives and causing parents to feel empowered. One doctor responds by saying technology is the way of the future and should be embraced. Thoughts on that?

How To Take Advantage of Social Media in Email Marketing

This article connects the dots between social media and e-mail marketing. Instead of using the option “Forward to a friend,” try a link “Follow us on Twitter” or “Become a fan on Facebook” and link the two together. This also allows for cross-promotion between social sites and email newsletters.

10 Online Advertising Trends in 2010

A prediction of the advertising trends for 2010 by AdvertiseSpace CEO, Chad Randall. He predicts more emergence of demand side platforms, more advertising on Twitter feeds and more smart phone advertising.

Super Bowl Ads Extending Beyond Commercials

This year with Super Bowl ads costing $3 million for a 30 second spot advertisers are getting more bang for their buck by extending campaigns with viral marketing and social media efforts.

NY Times Goes to Paid Business Model for Website in 2011

This story has been everywhere. Paid subscribers will still have full access to online content; however other online users will only get to view a certain number of articles for free until being charged. This article is simple, to the point, of how this will affect consumers.

Living in Google Wave

Google Wave is still in its novelty. It’s value will rise as comprehension does. This article by Chris Brogan explains how he uses Google Wave as a replacement for the phone, a place to keep an ongoing conversation and to work on projects and business plans.  How are you waving?

Socialgraphics Help You to Understand Your Customers

First there were demographics, and then there were psychographics. In this digital age, we now have ‘socialgraphics’ that examines a consumer’s social behavior. This article includes powerpoint slides and a webinar to help you understand your customer’s social behavior.\

Hope you have a GREAT weekend!