8 Keys To A Successful Social Media Marketing Initiative

Yesterday, we were back with a refresh of Chatter Marketing, our weekly webinar series that runs every Tuesday at 2pm EST.

Yesterday’s topic was 8 Keys to a Successful Social Media Marketing Initiative. Here are some of my notes and key points that I shared.

Why is it important to have a blueprint for success?

  • Different types of platforms and social initiatives may require different resources, content, responsibilities, etc. It’s important to start with a basic foundation and adjust as needed
  • It’s important to reach agreement with coworkers and bosses on goals, what success means, what responsibilities are, etc.
  • Important to be prepared..for positive and negative results. A good blueprint should address this.

The 8 Keys To A Successful Social Media Marketing Initiative

Before Starting…

  • Listen – Understand what you’re audience is saying and what they think about you, your products/services, competitors and overall industry. More importantly, understand what THEY care about, so you can give them things that are relevant and engaging.
  • Set goals – Whether your goals are to drive traffic, raise brand awareness, increase leads, answer customers’ questions, get people to sign up for your email newsletters, etc…you should think about some specific goals. Social media should support overall company goals.
  • Implement a tracking process – Map metrics to your goals and figure out what tools can help you measure things.
  • Look at baseline activity – It’s important to establish some baselines for activity, level of conversation, awareness, sentiment, etc, so you can see how your social initiatives are affecting things later on. One metric we recently developed that can be helpful here is what we call your eMindshare Quotient, which gives you regular snapshots of your overall online awareness and sentiment compared to your competitors.
  • Define responsibilities – Decide who will manage the initiative, who will help measure, what is expected, etc.

During and after…

  • Leverage multiple touchpoints – Social media initiatives are a lot more powerful when they’re integrated into a larger program, instead of existing on their own. Promote what you’re doing in various channels (social, email, website, blog, banners, etc) and don’t just assume that if you build it, people will come.
  • Measure results – If you’re not measuring results, you won’t be able to tell if you have achieved your goals and you won’t know what’s working/not working and won’t be able to make improvements.
  • Share key learnings – If you want support from your company/bosses for social media, make sure you’re sharing results and learnings (good and bad) and involving other people in your efforts.

I hope you find these 8 keys to success useful as a starting point for your own blueprints for social media initiatives. If you have any questions, I’d be happy to try to answer them. What else would you add or recommend people think about?