6 Great Resources for Learning About the Intersection of Search and Social

Major search engines are changing their algorithms to allow social posts to have influence in search rankings. Social media and search marketing are quickly becoming friends. We are going to continue to see the fields get closer together, and we’re doing our best to help clients maximize their initiatives to reflect this.  Here are some great resources to help you get up to speed with the intersection of search and social.

7 Days of Search and Social

Search Engine Journal has a weekly edition of what is going on in the search and social world. These editions include links to web articles, blog posts and videos on the subject.

A Tweet’s Effect on Rankings- An Unexpected Case Study

This blog post tells the tale of a tweet’s value on a page’s ranking and traffic. It’s mainly told through screen shots. But here are some main points. A high quantity of tweets from “real” users on Twitter has a pretty substantial impact on rankings in the short term. There is some long-term value carried by tweets in addition to the short-term effects. If this is consistently observed, expect a lot more SEO activity around engaging and incenting tweeting to key URLs.

Future Trends in Search and Social Media

Search is becoming increasingly influenced by social signals. For example, Google and Bing are getting feed data from Twitter and Facebook. If you’re logged in to Google, your search results can be annotated by things your friends have shared on Quora or Flickr. There will be fewer silos between search and social media. Online marketing will focus on customer content that’s both keyword and social media-optimized. Following how content is consumed and shared will make it easier to do those things while monitoring and engaging to develop networks and relationships. Continue to keep business outcomes in mind and be thoughtful about how success will be measured short and long term.

Google +1: Social Meets Search

Google has a new social feature called +1 (plus one), which basically is allows you to endorse URLs. It’s almost the same thing that you do when you “like” or endorse pages on Facebook, but this feature is showing up in Google search results. All of your +1 results with appear on your Google Profile. Google has rolled this feature out as a response to Facebook “Like”, and they claim that +1 can help friends, contacts and others on the web find the best stuff when they search. This might help websites gain more organic traffic from Google.

Search + Social = Authority x Influence

Search is based in information. Google changed their algorithm to reward quality content to combat lesser quality produced by link farms. This is great because now when people use search to find information, results are ranked by authority and quality. On the other hand, social is based in influence. Information is given to social media users based on the connections they have. The information is “digested and shared” creating conversations based on who you follow or friend. Search and social intersect when you can target what people are searching for and push strategies that create conversations around those topics.

Search + Social: A Growing Relationship

Social networks have opened new ways for marketers to display messages, engage with customers and drive sales. Because of this growth, businesses are starting to realize that this is an important part of their marketing efforts. Search engines are recognizing the shift and starting to display social in searches. We are starting to see a correlation between search engine rank and Facebook Likes. For marketing, we need to understand that search and social need to start working together more and we will see better results.

What are some other resources you’ve found that can help people learn more about the intersection of search and social?