5 Helpful B2B Social Media Resources

Business to business aspects of social media are in some parts exactly the same as how you would approach online marketing as you would for a B2C relationship. On the other hand though, there is a very unique aspect of research and strategy that changes the hows, whens, and even the wheres of social marketing. These five resources are great launch pads and sources for B2B initiatives.

1. Social Media B2B

Started by Kipp Bodnar and Jeff Cohen, Social Media B2B is my personal favorite. This premier blog is a whopping collection of strategies and blog writings aimed at improving the way social media is seen as an approach for B2B interactions. The blog is a combination of tools (mostly free) and strategies to adopt for the improvement of existing strategies. As an added bonus SMB2B is a top ranked AdAge Blog. Along with the blog, Kipp and Jeff are also available for keynotes and other speaking engagements. Aside from SMB2B Kipp works with Hubspot and Jeff with HM&P in Raleigh, NC.

2. Hubspot

Hubspot, which provides inbound marketing software, has some great resources. For anyone looking to enhance their blog or company website, Hubspot also has a hoard of free tools at your disposal: Website Grader, Twitter Grader, Facebook Grader amongst others. Best of all, their Webinars. Again the vast majority of these free-of-charge to anyone, all it takes is a quick sign up through their Marketing Webinars page. With presenters like: Brian Solis, Dan Zarrella, and presenters from within the company, Hubspot is my favorite for webinars and tools.

3. Small Business Trends

A general small business blog, Small Biz Trends caters to all aspects of small business. accounting, marketing, and branding are all parts of the gamut that SBT covers. Here the ability to interpret their social media posts as B2B is quite easy, although they can apply to both B2B and B2C as the distinguishing lines are sometimes blurry. Definitely a place of reading and less so for finding tools and specific resources, SBT lets you dive into strategies and techniques that let you advance any aspect of your small business. The focus on social media at SBT is clear; their posts are very research backed and show proof of how to go about addressing concerns with social media.

4. Brian Solis

Yes, there are tons of bloggers, marketers, and “influencers” in this digital era; Brian Solis though, is a premier on the B2B edge. He is 100% focused on social media, engagement, and the science behind how we use social media. His perspectives and insight are top-notch and very frequent. Brian’s daily articles are highly educational for anyone looking at including social media as part of their business. He tells how to adapt every small aspect of being online to your business and how using them can increase further visibility and most of all trust. From a B2B point of view, the opinions and research he provides are the best for B2B applications. Where sometimes you might be able to read articles and showcase them more as B2C, Brian’s writings though not specifically B2B are probably better served with that point of view.

5. Business.com’s B2B Online Marketing

Business.com is loaded with resources for any business, large or small. Although hard to find, their B2B Online Marketing blog is a great read. Their posts are mainly research driven an filled with stats and perspective on ways to take advantage of the vast amounts of research out there. It’s great that they use reliable sources for their writing, as this gives people assurance. Aside from the inherent resources given through their posts, they do have a page dedicated to b2b social media. The B2B Social Media Resources page is a collection of blog posts, tools, and advice from within their company and others. Business.com is another great read and a great addition to your B2B Resources.

Bonus: Presentation

Take a quick peek at this great presentation by Oglivy on Social Media for B2B Companies.

What B2B resources do you find valuable? Leave a comment and let us know.