5 Great Welcome Tabs from B2B Facebook Pages

Business to business (B2B) Facebook pages are often overlooked because they don’t always have the mass appeal like business to customer (B2C) pages. B2B Facebook pages can play important role in creating a channel of communication, sharing information and building relationships with fans. Before you can achieve those goals, B2B companies (and B2C companies, for that matter) should try to entice people to like their page with a custom Facebook welcome tab. Here are some great examples:


This welcome tab design is not fancy. But it doesn’t need to be because they clearly tell you what they have to offer. Basically, that you will learn how to build a stronger digital strategy for you business. Learn more about topics like advertising, B2B, ecommerce, costumers, email, media usage, mobile, search, social media, video, etc.


They are promoting their new experiment “The Museum of Me”, where you create and explore a visual archive of your social life. Their application grabs pictures and friends picture’s from your Facebook profile to create virtual museum of your life (that actually looks like the inside of a museum). You should give it a try. On the welcome tab there is a map of other Intel Facebook pages around the world, an area to look at products, jobs, deals, Twitter and videos. That sounds like too many things on one tab, but it’s nicely laid out.

Google AdSense

I was hesitant to include this welcome tab because it’s so simple. But then I figured that there is nothing wrong that. Google has their demo/commercial video, a sign up now button and five easy bullet points on why you should use AdSense. Honestly, that’s probably all they need to sell it. Sometimes simple is best.


The sleek welcome tab features Dell’s Business News app and spotlight on their women’s entrepreneur network, getting Dell support without leaving Facebook, easier ways to shop on Dell for business and how business owners use Dell.


Their welcome tab is visually pleasing plus has some great features like weekly poll, survey, Symantec on Twitter and their blog.

What other great B2B Facebook welcome tabs have you seen?


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