5 Fantastic Retail Email Newsletters

1. Hillsborough Wine Company

Chapel Hill Wine Company

Although not a visually stunning or very interactive email newsletter, the Hillsborough (and Chapel Hill) Wine Company fires off a series of newsletters that is compelling as the wines themselves. The email includes anchor tags that help you navigate through the email, rather than to their website itself. While this isn’t conducive to high click-through rates, it keeps you in one place.

The Hillsborough Wine Company gives updates on Case of the Week, which offers a special on a varied case of wine with a specific point of view in mind. Whether it be a region, particular flavor set, or even just a random assortment, you’re offered a whopping case of wine at a fabulous price.

On their website signing up for their newsletter is easy; just beyond the fold is an email input and check boxes for what you would like to receive news about, their weekly, reds, whites, regions, or just specific wines.

Give them a read, it’s an easy read and a great newsletter for local (or not) wine aficionados.

2. Threadless

Threadless Email


The easiest way to describe the efficiency of the Threadless Newsletter. One of two newsletters to send the quickest and most reassuring emails, within 10 minutes of signing up. Others wait til their first circular. The company is based off of submitted T-Shirt designs which are later voted on, and printed for new shirts every week. So, unlike most newsletters which give revolving info on products you’ve seen in store, or items you might see every-so-often, you’re getting something 100% new, and “never before seen” in every newsletter.

And if you want to be a part of the Threadless news, it’s the easiest one of this whole list. An obvious widget on their right hand only asks for your email… no names, no address, nada, just your email.

3. Borders Book Store


I have had Borders’ emails for a while now. Adding on to their Borders perks rewards program, their emails are loaded with coupons, offers, and best of all rewards outside of their own rewards program. Sign-up is a breeze and the confirmation email is quick and reassuring, by clicking their Weekly Deals box at the top right of the website, or scrolling down to their newsletter sign up. Best of all, they only ask for 4 fields, making sign up easy and painless. Avid readers will love consistent coupons for anywhere from BOGO to 50% off single items.

4. Bed Bath and Beyond

Bed Bath Beyond

The home shopping central’s newsletter is amazing. The emails based around their actual paper circular is loaded with weekly coupons, promotions, new additions, and even website functions like the store locator. While their sign-up tends to be slightly lengthier than others, the payoff when the emails arrive is by far worth it.

If you have a child going into College, or moving into a new apartment or home, BB&B’s newsletter is loaded.

I was taken aback only slightly by their newsletter, as I wasn’t sent a confirmation when I signed up. The only affirmation was a small Thank You after pressing the Submit button. If you’re not one for Email, you also have the ability to sign up for their Direct Mailings, which honestly you probably get anyways from the postal service.

The entirely HTML email is easy on the eyes and easy to actually shop through if you know you need home items. There are coupons for both in-store and online, so you can stay at home, or explore the store and still get the benefits of their emails.

5. Sports Authority

Sports Authority

Sign up incentives – yes, please! Sports Authority offers a 10% Discount on your online purchase after you sign up. Which, even if you want just one email, that would be fine. Custom localized offers, product releases and updates are all done through their weekly. A full newly-updated, HTML email is laid out almost like their web page. The larger font and clear use of making the newsletter much more like an online store, your email turns into a sports shopping central.

Best of all the “shareability” of the Sports Authority is phenomenal, 3 huge buttons on the top right let you share by Twitter, or Facebook right off the bat!

Thumbnail Credit – JAIRO BD