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Your Email Service Provider Is Stifling Your Brand’s Growth!

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You want your business to grow, and you expect your email service provider to be solidly behind you. After all, if you pay on a CPM basis, your ESP makes more money as your list grows!

Traffic cones and sign stop isolated on white backgroundSo where’s the disconnect? Here it is: Growing email lists rapidly often creates significant ISP challenges—challenges that your email service provider would rather avoid.

And to make matters worse, ESPs have learned that brands tend to focus on list growth alone—rather than on following best practices that could ease the burden on their platforms, practices such as:

  • true freewill opt-in
  • zero-risk tolerance
  • performance/activity optimization


This dilemma is exacerbated further because customer acquisition service providers also ignore best practices. They’re looking for volume, and getting the mail into the inbox simply isn’t their problem.

So what’s the answer?

  • Hint #1 It’s not changing ESPs.
  • Hint #2 It’s not about scaling down your growth plans. (Brands need to add 30% new subscribers every year just to maintain their list size, much less grow.)


The answer lies in B2C customer acquisition management automation. Today’s customer acquisition management solutions, lead by the CertainSource Acquire platform, are light years ahead of where they were as recently as a year ago. They significantly lower the cost, and the time it takes, to rapidly grow your B2C email list at a quality level that inspires your ESP’s confidence.

Acquire, for example, delivers:

  • multi-process cleansing (email addresses and IPs)
  • real-time performance management at the channel/source level
  • zero risk tolerance optimization (before it causes problems)
  • performance driven budget throttling
  • transparency into key data metrics that drive business growth


Transparency is key to today’s best customer acquisition management solutions. When you have the data you need, you’re making decisions based on facts, not assumptions.

ESPs can’t overcome their inbox delivery challenges alone. Working with B2C clients who use customer acquisition management automation to drive list growth turns one of their biggest challenges into opportunity for everyone.


Want to learn how CertainSource Acquire can deliver a win-win solution for your brand’s customer acquisition strategy? Click here for a demo of our customer acquisition management platform that’s helping major brands grow their lists exponentially and with no/low risk!

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Want More Customers? Take it Personally!

We listen retro imageSuccess comes from making your customer acquisition strategies feel personal to your prospects. Demographics used to be email marketers’ best friend, but not anymore: no one likes to be considered part of a demographic, least of all your prospects! Today is about the uniqueness of every prospect, and about respecting their preferences.

One of those preferences is an emphasis on CRM as a part of customer acquisition. According to a recent study, seven out of 10 consumers believe that brands are concerned uniquely with making a profit: 87% of customers want meaningful interactions with brands but only 17% of customers believe that brands deliver on these interactions. This leaves a wide field open for engagement as part of a customer acquisition management strategy and a seamless transition into excellent customer relationship management.

Taking those statistics a step further, showing consumers that your brand stands for more than just the bottom line will differentiate you from the competition. Doing well by doing good isn’t just a slogan: according to the IEG Sponsorship Report, cause sponsorship is predicted to reach 9.2 billion dollars this year.

Mobile phone and gearsAs we’ve said before in this space, mobile is the new black: According to KissMetrics, two out of three customers want to view your website online—as opposed to downloading a mobile app. And Mobile Commerce Daily reports that 75% of mobile shoppers want to use coupons—a great customer-acquisition strategy! Keep your mobile marketing part of your customer acquisition management to make it clear to prospects that you know what they’re looking for and can deliver it.

Growing your brand requires making prospects feel that they matter. We can help: CertainSource Acquire helps email marketers build brands, grow companies, and acquire the highest value new customers. Why not ask us how today?

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$.50 or $1.50 Per Lead: Which is Your Best Choice?

Financial money cash , cartoon sticker iconMost people would think it’s a no-brainer: of course it’s better to spend less! Spend less, get more, make money.

In case you’re wondering, we do actually know this is what they think, because we conducted a survey, and 75% of the B2C marketers we questioned selected the fifty-cent option. That’s a lot of marketers.

And they’re all wrong.

The reality, as many of our mothers taught us, is that quantity does not always align with quality. Our mothers were right; but our consumer culture insists that more is better, so most of us accept that implicitly and our goal becomes a larger email database. More names must come out to more sales, right?

Not so much. Here’s what really happens when you go for quantity over quality:

1) Acquiring 1,000 email addresses at a cost of $.50 each will cost you $500. So far, so good.

2) Let’s say that a conservative 25% of that list (250 people) opens your email. If that happens, each of those people actually costs you two dollars, not the $.50 you thought you were paying … because you’re paying for the 75% who didn’t show any intent to engage.

quality control list3) Acquiring the 250 people at $1.50 would actually be a better marketing move, costing only $375. The difference? The “fast and cheap” approach gave you a lot of inexpensive leads, most of which were worthless. Spending more for fewer quality prospects would have delivered qualified new customers.

Most leads don’t translate into valuable customers: they eventually get culled, and you start the process all over again. Qualifying prospects at the source before they ever enter your database means doing that culling upfront, before you’ve invested resources into bad leads.

CertainSource delivers engaged prospects, not cheap leads. Our innovative technology does the work ahead of time so you don’t have to. We’ve been delivering low-risk exponential growth to major brands for years, and are ready to show you what CertainSource can do for you. Why not ask us how today, or download the infographic showing the exponential growth you can expect with CertainSource?


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How to Improve Your Digital Marketing

mobile digital mareketingImproving your B2C digital marketing starts with CertainSource, your go-to resource for exponentially growing your customer email database. Our innovative technology is helping other companies and major consumer brands exponentially grow their email databases with qualified, high-value prospects and new customers. It gives B2C marketers the opportunity to exceed customer acquisition goals and objectives in what’s become an increasingly complex digital marketing ecosystem.

Our proprietary technology gets to the best-performing sources within digital channels for new prospects, and we nurture these prospects through our CertainSource “superengine” to deliver triple-qualified new prospects to our clients.

This triple qualification means that prospects have opted in—not once, not even twice, but three times, essentially lowering risk to brand reputation to almost zero. What does that mean? It means that you won’t be emailing lists that may (or may not) be updated and clean; you will only be adding valuable prospects to your database, people who have chosen to be there.

customersCertainSource’s technology and results are relied on by well-known consumer brands to exponentially grow their email databases for consumer marketing programs. Isn’t it time you joined them?

Take a moment to visit our resources page to download the “Exponential Growth” infographic—and see how CertainSource’s superengine can help you grow your consumer database—exponentially!

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Exponential Growth of Your Consumer Database

Iexponential growth chartt’s a great word: exponential. It sounds good, right? But what does it mean?

“Exponential growth is development at an increasingly rapid rate in proportion to the growing total number or size; a constant rate of growth applied to a continuously growing base over a period of time.”

Wow. “Increasingly rapid rate,” “continuously growing base.” That’s music to most B2C marketers’ ears. It’s the kind of growth you want your company—and in particularly your email database—to be experiencing, isn’t it?

There are some difficulties along the way:

  • 1,876 vendors are vying for your attention in the marketing technology landscape.
  • 43 categories offer ways to reach consumers (social, mobile, content, email, events, display ads, etc.).
  • 34% of marketers are presently satisfied with how they’re doing.


Doesn’t sound a lot like exponential growth, does it?

business growthBut we have good news. You can conquer the omnichannel marketing complexity with source-level optimization to acquire high-value prospects and new customers.  There are excellent sources within channels to acquire high-value prospects (just as there are not-so-good sources that just deliver leads). How can you tell the difference?

The only way is through transparency, and that’s exactly what CertainSource offers. All your media purchases from multiple sources (display, email, social, etc.) are placed into our “superengine” and our proprietary technology analyzes each lead source in real time, across all media channels, and determines which ones perform best for your company, based on criteria that you’ve established. And you pay only for the conversions!

Want exponential growth? CertainSource can deliver. Why not ask us how today?

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Want New Customers? 5 Quick Midweek Tricks

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 11.29.40 AMStrategies and campaigns are essential to customer acquisition and marketing success; but when there’s something you can do right now toward your goal, that can create just the right midweek boost. With that in mind, here are five things you can do in the next five minutes to improve your customer acquisition:

1. Send out an “incentives” email for current customers to bring in new ones. Offer them a substantial discount off their next order if one of their friends orders from you. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s trackable.

2. Gift cards are all the rage, and for good reason. 20% of all gift certificates are never redeemed, 80% are redeemed for more than their value, and 40% are redeemed for more than twice their value. So right now, while you’re thinking of it, put together a gift card offer and send it to your top-tier customers: The customer will give the card to someone who is probably not yet a customer, and the $20 you’ve given away will come back to you with more purchases—and more new customers.

3. Check out non-competitive websites that are compatible with your product or service and request a cross-listing: a company that sells bath towels would go well with your business of selling skin-care products, for example. It’s free advertising for both of you.

4. Plan a virtual open house. This is especially relevant for mobile users. Announce that this Thursday, from 5:00 to 10:00 only, special deals will be available on your website, and be sure to make extra-special deals for new customers only. Between now and then send out emails with teasers about some of the deals that will be on offer.

free shipping5. Right now, while you’re thinking of it, send out a thank-you email to your best customers and offer free shipping on their next order in return for a post (that you’ll offer to write) on Facebook. It’s probable that most of your customers have “friends” online: they may not be close enough to these people to send them a gift card, but they can certainly share their positive experiences with your brand; and who doesn’t want to save a few dollars on shipping? (Once the Facebook post has gone live, just make sure you follow up on the free shipping offer.)

These quick-and-easy tips will not only give your customer acquisition a boost, they will also remind your existing customers of why they buy from you—and will help them make the decision to buy again.



Like Taking Risks? Don’t Do It With Customer Acquisition!

man in casinoSome people like bungee-jumping, parachuting, spelunking. Others get excited by working the stock market, or playing blackjack, or traveling to dangerous places. There’s a rush that happens, a spike of adrenaline, when you’re moving out onto the edge, when you’re taking risks. It can be exhilarating.

That rush is not for everyone, however: and it’s certainly not for every situation. Because the last place that you and your company want to take risks is in customer acquisition.

Here’s why there’s so much risk out there. When B2C companies have inbox delivery problems, they’re typically caused by “new” email addresses coming from only 10 to 12 percent of the company’s acquisition sources. It doesn’t sound like much, but it adds up: these inbox deliverability issues are actually rampant due to risky externally sourced lists (list buys or rentals and bad appends) and ignoring opt-in best practices. But the reality is that B2C brands need to generate 20 to 30 percent new active email addresses to their opt-in lists every year just to maintain their list size!

So what’s the answer? How do you grow your lists without risking reputation and deliverability? How do you eliminate those risky sources and replace them with ones that will consistently deliver your best prospects and new customers?

One way is to look at how consumers—your prospects and customers—want to be approached and included in your customer acquisition management strategy. The shift in power from marketer to consumer that happened dramatically with the advent of social media has put the reins in the hands of the consumer. We can fight it, or we can make it work for us.

Let’s make it work for us. We can do it through giving prospects multiple touchpoints where they can indicate interest in a company, a brand, or a product. They may click on a link on their smartphone asking for more information. They may fill out a questionnaire on their computer before accessing some additional content. They may connect with a company’s Facebook page or respond to a tweet. There are myriad ways of communicating, and as many ways as there are to communicate, we need to give potential prospects that many ways to indicate interest … to opt-in to receiving more information.

best racticeAs long as it’s done following best practices—making sure that unsubscribes are easy, making sure that email subject lines are not misleading, delivering what was promised to the consumer—then there won’t be negative impact to inbox delivery. Deliverability has everything to do with the prospect wanting more, and requesting more.

And if they ask for more on more than one occasion or in more than one way, then your deliverability has just improved exponentially!

At CertainSource, we triple-qualify prospects: they have to have, essentially, raised their hands three separate times to be included in your email list before you email them. This saves time, money, and cuts down dramatically. Email only those who want to be emailed? What a novel idea!

And the risk ? Leave that to the bungee-jumpers.




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5 Steps to Better Customer Acquisition!

road backgroundSuccessful customer acquisition isn’t rocket science, but it can sure feel that way to B2C marketers trying to navigate through a myriad of omnichannel marketing opportunities. Each seems fraught with obstacles, and no one emerges as a clear winner. It’s difficult to know which road to take.

Building your email database is more and more confusing. Online vendors make promises and guarantees as “go-to” sources for new customer leads … but how do you know which (if any) of these leads are actually qualified prospects?

The answer is pretty simple:  you don’t. But we do. Our proprietary managed platform solves this problem, because it separates qualified prospects long before they ever reach your database. We’re the platform of choice for some of the biggest consumer brands, ensuring that they are exponentially building their email databases with the best-possible highest-quality new prospects.

Here’s how our automated platform works:

  1. Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 11.21.54 AMWe purchase media from multiple sources across multiple channels (display, email, social, Google, etc.) based on your “ideal prospect” criteria.
  2. Our proprietary technology analyses each lead source in real time, across all media channels, and determines which are performing the best for you based on your criteria (build your email database, increase registrations, etc.).
  3. We then purchase more media from the best-performing lead sources, while eliminating bad or risky sources.
  4. We nurture those leads through the email component of our platform until they convert for you (complete the download, confirm their opt-in, fill out a registration form, etc.).
  5. You pay us only for the highest quality conversions.


And we have a special limited-time offer so that you can discover how CertainSource is helping consumer brands exponentially grow their email databases with high-value new prospects… and how it can work for your company. There’s no risk, as you’ll only pay us when we deliver the best-performing prospects.

Why not ask us how today?


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Want Exponential B2C Database Growth? Start Here!

card catalogueWhat do online marketers need in order to to exponentially grow their B2C databases?

1. qualified, high-value prospects and customers

2. low risk to their brand reputation

And yet that kind of growth seems impossible to many online marketers, especially with the increasing complexity of the the digital marketing ecosystem. How to choose which channels? Which sources within the channels? And what happens if there’s not enough list hygiene?

But what if you could …

  • exceed customer acquisition goals and objectives?
  • get to the best-performing sources within digital channels?
  • obtain  triple-qualified new prospects ?


Now you can. CertainSource’s innovative technology helps consumer brands exponentially grow their email databases with qualified, high-value prospects and new customers. Our technology helps consumer marketers exceed customer acquisition goals and objectives in an increasingly complex digital marketing ecosystem.

How? Our proprietary technology gets to the best-performing sources within digital channels for new prospects, and we nurture these prospects through our CertainSource “superengine” to deliver triple-qualified new prospects to our clients.

This triple qualification means that prospects have opted in—not once, not even twice, but three times, essentially lowering risk to brand reputation to nearly zero. You won’t be emailing lists that may or may not be updated and clean; you will only be adding prospects to your database who have chosen to be there.

CertainSource’s innovative technology is relied on by well-known consumer brands to exponentially grow their email databases for consumer marketing programs. Isn’t it time you joined them? Why not ask us how today?

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Drive Your B2C Email Database Growth Today!

B2C customer acquisition is extremely complex, and increases in complexity all the time. There are endless avenues and choices for digital marketers in their efforts to acquire new customers—so many choices, in fact, that it’s increasingly easy to spend budget haphazardly on:

  •  search marketing
  • social media marketing
  • co-registration
  • banner ads
  • and 43 other categories …


… the list goes on and on. There are over 1,876 vendors vying for attention in the marketing technology landscape alone—so how do you make sense of it all? Testing lead sources is a lengthy and expensive process, and the pressure is on to spend acquisition budgets wisely; but the truth is that only 34% of marketers are satisfied with their customer acquisition efforts, and 20% don’t track effectiveness at all!

personal : business growth conceptual illustrationBuilding a solid customer list and increasing ROI can only happen when acquisition budgets are spent on the most effective sources, the sources that deliver the best customers—as opposed to the sources that just deliver leads. And budgets are best spent when there is some agility in the process, when poor-performing sources can be turned off and best-performing sources increased—in real time.

Winning companies are the ones that can get their messages in front of the best online audiences. And getting in front of the best online audiences means using the most effective customer-acquisition solution in the business.

That solution? CertainSource’s Superengine! Here’s how it works:

  • All your media purchases (multiple sources, multiple channels) go into the Superengine.
  • Our proprietary technology analyses each lead source across all channels to tell you which ones give you the performance you want (you decide what criteria you want to have met: expanding an email list, requesting a download, etc.)
  • Your budget targets only the best-performing media sources.
  • We’ll nurture the leads until they convert, and you’ll pay only for the conversions.


Customer acquisition isn’t rocket science: all you have to do is find a way to spend your money on the best, most valuable new customers! And that’s exactly what we do. You’ll get the best possible prospects, with the highest intent to engage, and all of it on a pay-for-performance basis. The Superengine has delivered these valuable customers to other major brands, and we can do it for you.

Why not ask us how today?